U. S. Ostwal English Academy High School & Jr. College

U - Uniqueness | S - Skills | O - Obedient | E - Effective | A - AttitudeWe as the U. S. Ostwal English Academy High School & Jr. College have widespread interest in the sphere of quality Education with a Commitment to Excellence. Our first school was started in 2003 at Nallasopara (East), has grown and expanded over a time span of 15 years into one of the leading group of institutions, providing academics, par excellence to our students. Our branches are at Mira Road (ICSE), Boisar (CBSE), Mangalwad (Rajasthan)

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Updated computer lab and web based tools thus offering quality education from early years to the higher standards.

Best Teacher

We believe in a good quality education hence we have highly qualified and trained teaching staff.

Practical Training

For the practical training there is availability of well equipped science laboratories whic are updated with latest books in the library.


We host co-curricular activities like taekwondo, yoga, abacus, phoenics, along with music, dance, sports which foster team spirit and environmental consciousness.

Achievements 2017 -2018



Diksha Sharma

3rd JKA India National Karate Chamionship


Raj Nalin Khergamkar

Rhythm Vasaikar 1st Prize

Kala Krida 2nd Prize


Pravin Yadav

Kala Krida 3rd Prize

Discuss Throw

Mamta Ram

Kala Krida 2nd Prize


We buildup the future generation by inculcating values, morals, purity, truthfulness, generosity and also by giving them the best of education


During break times, students use the canteen. The canteen serves a wide range of healthy refreshments and snacks at break times.

Health and First Aid Services

Our school has First Aid kits located at each and every floor. First Aid services are available to students, staff and visitors. Primary health check up is conducted for all students. Medical room is equipped with homely environmental bedding for the students who are un-well during school hours.


The priority of the School is Safety of our students at all times and we therefore encourage students to use the buses arranged by the school, unless, they are brought to school by their parents. This facility is handled by efficient drivers and caring lady attendants who ensure that students are picked up and dropped off in safety.


It is always neccessary to go hand in hand with the modern world, to keep our students always updated, and hence to constantly upgrade them we have advanced systems in our spacious lab.

Play Zone

We believe in the saying, "All Work and No Play makes Jack a Dull Boy". Hence in our school, we have a well equipped play zone for our students to spend their Leisure Time.


A well maintained Library is provided for the enquiring minds to broaden their thinking abilities. The Latest books on various subjects and a Good Number of Magazines are available, based on Subjects taught.