"Academic Training Through the Right Method"

For every child has the right to Education that will help them Experience the varied realms (region) of Crucial & Effective Knowledge. we have therefore acquired the best of Teaching skills for our Teachers. The Teaching Method applied through Communication, Collabration and Critical thinking & Problem Solving; will positively keep your child learn the right way.

Communication & Collabration

By applying the "Learning to Think Concept", it becomes mandatory for each student to develop & utilize the skills of effectively expressing their thoughts, opinions & perspective. Our Teachers encourage each and every Student to Effectively Communicate ideas and Collabrate with fellow classmates through team work.

Creativity & Innovation

Expanding your childs future horizons by Elaborating, Refining analyzing and Evaluating them is what we believe can help maximize creative efforts. We therefore encourage every students morale in both sucess & failure, by viewing failure as an opportunity to learn and incentive to Boost and Motivate, and Encourge them to open new doors to Better Concepts.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

The art of Implementing its Components in the right manners, we take students through the repeated process of critical thinking in order to imbibe in them the acquired ability to think Critically and Analytically and thus enhance their problem solving ability.

Who + Where + what + How + When

These question leads to get answer :-

  1. Knowledge :- Information procured is recalled & recited.
  2. Comprehensive :- The list of facts of ideas are described & explained.
  3. Application :- The resultant take up comprehensive knowledge which is then applied through demonstration & creations.
  4. Evaluation :- Finally it is build - up with opinions develop & conclusion made.


Nothing is Pleasanter to me than Exploring in a Library.

Science Laboratory

Imagination is more important than Knowledge, Knowledge is limited imagination encircles the world.

Computer Laboratory

Meet us at the intersection of "TECHNOLOGY AND LIFE" from Design to Reality.


Co-curricular programme is implemented through every saturday by conducting Remedial classes for the students those who need extra attention. Apart from these we have Excursions, Camps, Edcuational trips & intra / inter School Competitions.

Indoor Games

Fitness leads to happiness.

Outdoor Games

Increases physical fitness and gives a new look to the personality.


Self Discipline & Behaviour Modification.